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Our team

Advisory board

Faith Christian Singles Network is based out of Faith Church in New Milford, CT, our lead pastor is Frank Santora.


Our advisory board consists of the following people: 

Pastor Al Coelho

Pastor Richard Perez

Pastor Emmanuel Kikugawa

Renee Heien


Pastor Frank Santora

Faith Church, New Milford, CT

FCSN staff

Mary Hajj is the singles pastor at Faith Church in New Milford, CT, and of Faith Christian Singles Network. She has a passion to reach singles for Jesus and works with her FCSN team to minister to singles around Central & Western Connecticut, Eastern New York and NYC.


Our team members are:

Kathryn Smyth, Singles Director

Matthew Martorana, Staff Member

Wanda Lozada - Staff Member


Mary Hajj

Singles Pastor

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